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Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession. 

This was my mantra until I made it a reality.  My heart is genuine and I have a sincere desire and passion to help. Entering into therapy can be a difficult decision. I am here to offer a supportive environment, always accepting of your journey without judgement. I will collaborate with you to find a peaceful solution. Together we will bring a calm focus and help see your issues in a new light. I tend to use a more relaxed style in my sessions. I will always ask many questions to gain insight as opposed to waiting passively. I feel that communication and trust are key. Together we will laugh, cry and grow emotionally to become stronger.

Why do I specialize in Grief Counselling?

We all understand that death is a natural part of life, but there are times it can trigger emotions in us that are too much for us to handle. Whether the death was expected or tragic, we have to figure out how to carry on. In life we also feel grief each time we lose a part of us. That may come in the form of relationships, a job we loved or even our health. We truly do not allow ourselves to feel the emotions we are experiencing during these times. I am real and I have lived through it. I have lost people in my life so close to my heart. I have lost love, an amazing job and my health. I felt the impact not only on me but those around me. As a therapist and someone with life experience I can give you the tools to help you care for yourself and your loved ones through the process.

My Office

When you visit me I hope you will instantly feel calm and peaceful. I have a quiet home office located in an older subdivision in Byron, London Ontario. If it is a nice day and you would prefer to take advantage of the outdoors, my backyard is surrounded with gorgeous trees boasting a peaceful view. The ultimate in privacy and comfort is always a priority.