Casey At Bat


I was smack in the middle of my first ever blog post for my brand new website. Laptop in hand, creative juices were flowing and I was so ready to fill this world with my wisdom. I have read all the required books to achieve the degree, I’m ready right??? Life doesn’t work that way. That is when I was given the biggest most real reminder of who I really am and to write from my heart. Thank you Casey for being the inspiration. This one is for you my newest cousin and biggest hero.

I’ve moved myself from inside curled up on the couch to out on the back deck. Summer is just wrapping up and I want to take as much of it in as I can. When I close my eyes I can hear the leaves rustling in the wind. It makes me feel you Casey, free from pain. I can feel the sun slightly warm against my cheeks like a gentle hug. Casey’s hugs are legendary. Grief brings so many emotions and when I first heard you were gone, tears fell. I only allowed that for a brief moment because I quickly remembered our last conversation. I know you were at peace and wanted all those who loved you to remember all the happy moments. They will get there Casey, they will just need some time. You see you were this iconic hero to so many. Your loss in the community and in so many peoples lives will be felt for a lifetime. So, just as I have found you this morning in the leaves and the sun on my face, they too will find comfort along their way.

To all of you struggling with this loss, be gentle on your hearts. Find comfort in all your great memories and smile because we all know Casey would be watching us and wanting nothing less.

As for you Cousin, get out there and play some ball, hug that mama of yours and grab a cup of coffee. Thank you for always making me feel like such a loving part of this family, and for the invaluable life lessons.

Rest sweet soul xo.

14 thoughts on “Casey At Bat

  1. Thank you Christine for those wonderful words. That is a stunningly beautiful homage to a guy who touched and inspired so many people around him, including me.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful, tried not to cry but I did. You are absolutely right about that great man, he will live on forever in the hearts of so many people, that’s just what an impact he had on everyone. Love and strength to you all Catherine Ryan xoxo

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  3. I’ve never met Casey, but through your words and knowledge of Harry, I feel I missed a great opportunity to meet a fantastic role model. Until we meet Casey, rest in Peace

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  4. This is beautiful ❤️❤️
    I actually sat outside and watched the sunrise this morning and thought of him too. He’s up there and I will watch the sunset tonight too and think of him.

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  5. Casey was my uncle as I am one of Marty’s step daughters . A hero is what I will always remember Casey for . You fought a hard fight with a smile on your face and a head held high. You were truly an inspiration to many. It’s hard when you lose someone who lived a life of impacting others always there with a helping hand. God bless you sweet angel and I will always love you

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