We Are Not Mushrooms

86b3989021a867835a1f1075111b8604--bay-windows-windows-and-doorsI have sat here staring out the window for some time now. It is fast approaching my favourite season, Autumn. The leaves just peaking their curious colours through the greenery seeking attention. As I expand my field of view I realize the blinds in my front window have dissected my world into nice neat columns. The organizer in me loves the thought of this at first. How wonderful, over here to the right we have our positive mantras for today; I Am Worthy!!! Right here in the middle we will put our daily tasks, relationships, children, work and squeeze in some me time along the bottom rung. Oh and over here to the left we will store all the negative thoughts, I am stuck, useless, anxious, what the hell am I doing!!! It is all right here in plain sight and in perfect order instead of the jumbled mess that usually lay inside our heads. What’s even more amazing? On those days when life could not possibly be any better I simply twist these blinds wide open and let the sun shine in. I stand right here letting it warm my heart and feed my soul, a smile spreads across my cheeks. All those positive affirmations pouring through reminding me what I was born to know but somewhere along the lines was torn from me. Ahhh yes and then on those days when life gets turbulent and I simply want to be in the dark, these blinds are my best friend. Another twist and life is on the other side where I do not even have to acknowledge it. The warmth is no longer felt against my skin, I am gray with emotion and chilled. My smile now a grimace and I spend hours wondering where my happiness faded to. How could my soul possibly feel this empty?

It truly doesn’t matter if you have blinds or curtains, I am going to have to be blunt here and tell you to blow the dust off those suckers and yank them open once and for all. We as humans are not mushrooms, we were never meant to stay in the dark and be fed BULL*&^% . I am sorry but I cannot read one more blog, one more article, one more published study about how reading ten positive affirmations a day will lead you to a happy healthy life. No, stop, it won’t. Now before everyone starts sending me hate mail, let me clarify something. I am a lover of the universe and positive thinking, let’s make that clear. That being said I do not like misleading people into believing that all they have to do is “think” something into reality. If you feel stuck and your gut is screaming at you to make a change, stop ignoring it today! No, it will not be easy, it never is. Yes there will be many facets involved, but black and white is this. If you want to see positive change in your life, you and only you can make that happen and that takes work.

We are born into this world beautiful innocent creatures with such a zest for life. We are filled with self-esteem and worth. Many things along our journey can take that from us and it is devastating. The problems begin when we leave that untouched and unresolved. Reclaiming your worth is vital to living that amazing life you deserve..yes read that again. Your little young brain knew that from the day you were born, but over time you were conditioned to believe you were no longer great, wonderful and fantastic. WRONG. Then what normally happens is we spend so many wasted years trying to find our value in every other person, good bad or ugly along the way. It is time to retrain your brain to believe how magnificent you really truly are. By giving yourself that worth, nobody can ever make you feel less again. It is work to get that but baby, open those blinds and feel that sun on your face. #retrainthebrain

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