Healing As A Nation

30582180_10156026264471041_225430498220965888_nThis past week we have been grieving as a Nation. The minute we heard the news we all became connected one way or another. It has affected us all differently. Those of us who are parents, team mates, siblings, coaches, and hockey families, we just wanted to wrap our arms around all who are hurting.

It is a cool Spring night as I write this. My own son is out back shooting on the net. I can hear his stick scraping, and his excitement with every shot. He is proudly wearing his hockey club jacket. You see, once you have a child who falls in love with the game, you become a family. His medals hang proudly on the wall and the smile on his eleven year old face at each game warms my heart. When these kids come off the ice, their bright red cheeks and sweaty hair make me smile. We are a family. We huddle in the stands completely frozen, cheering them on as if each game was for the Stanley Cup. We are a family. There are close to two hundred kids in my sons division this year, I know most of their names, I do know all of their smiles. We are a family.

When tragedy strikes, shock always hits with an insurmountable force. The unimaginable tragedy that took so many lives in Humboldt will continue to come in waves for a lifetime. The initial panic, the shock and now the numbness that has fallen as some make an attempt to put one foot in front of the other to get through the day. Without being personally affected by this, we simply cannot know this level of pain. With grief, there is no one size fits all. There is no right or wrong. As this hockey family struggles through this tragedy, we as a nation simply feel a need to help.

Our Nation has stepped up in countless ways. Fundraising efforts to help these families, hockey sticks perched upon candlelight porches and a united day of us wearing our jerseys to show support. I am often asked, “What more can I do?” People often want to help those in times of need. Just be there. It is during these darkest of times when people feel the most alone. Keep showing your support. We are family.

How do we deal with the sadness we are all feeling from this loss? We listen to our kids playing hockey in the backyard on a Spring night. We sit in those cold arenas and cheer on those teams. We rally together in our small communities and in our cities, be there for one another. Love your families, laugh each day, embrace life. It is okay to be sad, to feel this grief. Feel those emotions for you and for those who have moved on, but then live another day.

As for all of those who lost your lives that day, our stick is on the porch, and we will forever be cheering for you from the stands ❤

#prayersforhumboldt #broncostrong #putyoursticksout

Much Love ❤

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