A Letter To Every Grieving Mom On Mother’s Day

grieving-motherDear Beautiful Mama ❤

Happy Mother’s Day.

I am here to tell you, you will forever be a beautiful Mama. ❤

It does not matter when your loss happened. You may have barely felt the flutters and kicks, you may have kissed their tiny cheeks. You may have had many years to watch them grow but had to say goodbye far too soon. You are a beautiful Mama. Maybe you had years of school drop offs and goodnight hugs. Maybe you just got the nursery completed. Despite all of this you carry the title of Mom on your soul forever. You are a beautiful Mama ❤ . 

As this holiday approaches you may find it one of the most difficult. There may be ways you want to honour it, or you may want to hide and ignore it all together. You will feel smothered by decorated aisles aimed at celebrating Mothers everywhere. Every person you know will not know how to approach the subject with you. You may wish you could just pull the covers over your head and sleep the entire holiday away. It is your choice, do what you need to get through this. You are a beautiful Mama. ❤

During this time there may be other family obligations with your own Mom. You may have picnics or barbecues to attend. This distraction may help but you will notice the handmade Mother’s Day cards being passed around. You will wish your life had not been turned upside down and want that macaroni necklace made by your child. You will hear the whispers and see the stares as family navigates how to properly handle this new dynamic. Here is what you have to remember.  Even though your heart is heavy and you cannot ever imagine it healing, you will never stop being a Mom. You too deserve to celebrate this day. You deserve to have breakfast brought to you in bed, or have that huge bouquet of flowers because you are forever a beautiful Mama. ❤

One last thing you should remember on this very important day that celebrates Mothers. Much like you, there is a large community of strong, compassionate women who have joined this club that nobody ever wants to be a part of. We all, at times stagger through this holiday seeing it just as you do. We all share a deep connection. We love our babies unconditionally; with deep love comes deep loss, but not even death can strip away the love a mother has for her child. 

Beautiful Mama, always remember that it is not the length of time you have them or the amount of cards you receive that determine your claim on motherhood. It is the love that you gave them, and continue to give them every single day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Beautiful Mama’s ❤


3 thoughts on “A Letter To Every Grieving Mom On Mother’s Day

  1. This letter is beautiful. There are so many moms out there who have lost my here children way too soon. No parent wants to say goodbye to there child.


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