How I Celebrate New Year’s Eve!


Do you hear that? After far too many days to count I am in my home without another living soul. I have wrapped my exhausted body in a fuzzy blanket, grabbed a hot tea and have immediately become mesmerized by the silence. Pure bliss.

The holiday frenzy came in like a tornado. In its path, torn wrapping paper, a turkey carcass, half eaten candy canes, deflated stockings, and leftovers for days. I love the holidays but make no mistake, I am always glad to see them go! The day after the fat man in the suit arrives I turn into someone resembling the Grinch plucking all things “holidayesque” and tossing them away until next year. On to the next celebration!

There are exactly two and a half days left of this year. If I am being honest, I am not one to sit back and reflect over all of the events that have transpired and decide whether this was a worthy one or not.

Without fail, affirmations will be made. “Glad to see you go 2018, YOU SUCK.”

Now, I understand how in life terrible things happen. During 2018 I suffered a horrible loss. I would like to think that it was in no way the fault of the calendar year. I can never replace what I lost. What I can choose to do is focus on what I gained. I was blessed with my first great-nephew. I focused on strengthening all of my relationships. I grew my business. I took better care of my health. I gained a sister-in-law and I traveled more.  These personal accomplishments had nothing to do with a calendar, but goals I had set out for myself on a daily basis.

Let me also make one thing very clear. I am human. I do not have the ability to wake each morning, happy, centered, and ready to be a better person. There are plenty of times that I am sad, disheartened, angry, and need some time to come to terms with what it is that I have lost or why I am where I am. Suzie Sunshine takes a back burner on more than one occasion while I eat ice cream in bed and watch Netflix. This is normal. This is real. This is life.

Oh, and I do not meditate or do yoga. I am not against these things or people who do them. I wish I had the limber joints or concentration to participate. We all have to find our own way to refuel. Whatever that looks like for you, DO THAT!

As with most holidays, it is my humble opinion that society has placed far too much expectation and hype on one evening.  We are asked to look back on our entire year and form an opinion on how great or how shit it truly was. Well doesn’t that sound like a fantastic game to play.

We all get to return to work after some time off with the glorious questions. “So, how were your holidays?”” What did you do for New Years?”

Why are we always expected to do SOMETHING for this holiday? When did that become a thing? You can hear the gasps when you tell them how you fought sleep curled up watching a movie and zonked out by 9:30 pm. “What???? You didn’t even stay awake until midnight?” Listen Sally I haven’t been able to stay awake past 10:00 pm since forever.  Call me crazy if I didn’t break out the gold sequin gown and spend a few hundred dollars to kiss a room filled with drunk strangers at midnight.

Oh, and hey if this is what you love, please enjoy every last-minute of it. I have been to some fantastic New Year’s celebrations in my day. I am just tired now and I’m leaving it to the next generation. Plus I’m resting up for my vacation. #sorrynotsorry.

Now where was I? As we approach the end of another year, do yourself this favour. Please do not spend a bunch of time being hard on yourself reflecting back on what you should have done different. That part of your journey is done.

Do yourself another favour and do not lose sleep giving yourself a list of everything you are going to do different in the next year. You are simply setting yourself up for failure. If you want to lose weight, have a different job, travel more, meet the person of your dreams, just look at the common denominator. YOU. They all start with you. Each day make a choice to make you and your life better, happier, more of what you want. All the rest will follow, but please do not put a time limit on it.

My only wish for all of you is this. That each and every year, you are the happiest version of you. Now excuse me while I get into my pajamas and find some ice cream. 🙂

Much love 2018 ❤



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