Me, on a good day. I chose to not go with a professional head shot here. Why? Can’t really answer that because if I am being truthful, I wanted to use the photo of me sitting on the toilet in the Vatican. I have a fascination with taking selfies on the toilet in the most random places. It excites me like I cannot even explain.

What should you know about me. I love to write. It helps me cope, it helps me heal and it helps me laugh. My writing is real, raw and regardless of how difficult some of the topics are, I always find a way to sprinkle humour all over that shit.

I am terrified of feet.

I am addicted to travel.

I swear often.

I eat cereal in bed.

My husband is better than most, and I’ll totally thumb wrestle anyone on that.

I have three amazing spawn, two of which are adults. My brain still doesn’t comprehend that because most days I feel like a child.

A new pair of pajamas will turn a rotten day completely around for me.

Sea turtles are my spirit animal.