Losing a loved one is life changing. It leaves us in a state of shock, despair and questioning everything. In the moments and days that follow we walk around in a cloud not knowing which direction to take.  It feels easier to stay locked in that numb existence than to step back into the world that has dared to carry on as if nothing has changed. I am here to gently remind you that this is a journey and not a destination. With support I will help you see that even though you will always have this great loss, you can absorb it and move through, gently finding your way back into life again. 

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Individual Sessions: 60 minutes-$120 (includes HST)

*in some cases prices can be negotiated


Individual Therapy

I counsel clients for a variety of reasons including:

Health problems with a specialty in chronic pain  

Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Self-esteem and confidence issues

Relationship Issues

All individual therapy is tailored to your needs. My approach is unique and will be discussed up front during your initial visit. I believe in allowing you to be heard while you feel comfortable and trusted. We all need to feel hope, kindness and compassion. We also need to speak our truths. I believe we can do that together.

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Individual sessions: 60 minutes-$120 (includes HST)

*in some circumstances prices can be negotiated

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With today’s technology it is very easy to meet with me anywhere, anytime. One of my specialty’s is counselling individuals with chronic illness and I realize how difficult it can be some days to leave the house. Now, using an up to date on line and secure service you can access therapy through my virtual office with a user friendly face to face video service. This is available to all clients and is a convenient way to meet in the comfort of your own home while using the advances of our technical world. Contact me for a one hour free session today and give it a try.

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Individual Sessions: 60 minutes-$90 (includes HST)

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In life we can’t predict when something may throw us off track. We can’t always book an appointment, or plan for those times. Text coaching is a unique service intended to fit into your schedule and be there when you need it. I will be available to you 24/7, day or night. Your texts will be completely encrypted and secure. I will respond to you with suggestions of ways to navigate your experience, give feedback and offer tools to use.  For this service you may text as much as you need 24/7, with whatever issues you are feeling conflicted about. I will check in with you a minimum of three times per day( if messaged) to collaborate. Much like getting advice from a friend, only on a professional level.

 Telephone appointments are as simple and as easy as they sound.  One hour appointments over the phone can sometimes make due when getting into the office just isn’t an immediate possibility for you. It can give you the freedom to take me on a walk with you through the park or just being in the comfort of your home. 


For emergency situations please call 911. For suicide information visit or call 1-800-273-8255

Text Coaching: One Month Subscription $225 (HST included)

Telephone Session: 60 minutes- $100 (HST included)

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