Specialized Grief Counselling & Life Coach

Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.

Michael J. Fox

Dealing with any loss in our life and the grief that follows is often a painful process. We all suffer a sense of loss through divorce, lost jobs, loss of health and when we lose those we love through death.

There are times while grieving, we are unable to move beyond a particular emotion, such as fear or anger. If we cannot walk through these emotions, it is impossible to reach the goal of recovery and resolution. Although we will never be what we were before the devastating loss, it does not mean that life has lost all meaning and pleasure.

Recovery IS possible and a I would love to help you along that journey of normal, healthy grief until you reach a new state of acceptance.

How Is My Approach Different Than The Rest?

I began this journey out of pure passion. I have worn many hats throughout my life; student, wife, mother, therapy patient, ex-wife, student again, blissfully happy wife again, friend, daughter, business owner. I have always worked hard but failed to value myself. After many years and resilience here we are. Life history alters the way I relate to people and conduct sessions. I will always hear you and you will always be safe. We will laugh when you want to laugh and cry when you want to cry.  I like the setting to feel more like chatting among friends and less clinical. You will always have all of my support while I gain a better understanding of your story. Having a strong connection with each other is key to success, and that will always be my first priority.